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Healing Apostolate

We take care of the mentally and physically challenged, the blind, the deaf, the paralyzed, the epileptic and the terminally ill who have nobody to care for till their death. At present 1000 differently abled residents are looked after in our various Homes.

“It will be these poor who shall open the doors of Paradise for us” (St.Joseph Cottolengo)

Preaching Apostolate

To help the spiritual growth of both individuals and families, renewal retreats are conducted in the parishes and at the Retreat Centre attached to the Mother House. Besides we organize prayer meetings regularly and provide counseling services. For the last 17 years Retreats, Prayer meetings and Counseling are conducted here for teenagers, youth, couples and alcoholics.

“Go throughout the whole world and preach the Gospel to all mankind.”(Mk .16,15)

Family Apostolate

As part of our family apostolate we visit broken families around our houses to help reconcile and to bring them up by sharing the love of Jesus. This enables us to identify the neediest and extend whatever help possible for their welfare.

“The poor are the most dear ones of Christ and His representatives.” (St.Joseph Cottolengo)

Parish Apostolate

In the parish, the sisters take a lead role in the Sunday school, BCC fellowship and other pious associations.

“Go throughout the whole world and preach the Gospel to all mankind.”(Mk .16,15)