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1. Providence Home, Ezhumuttom.

As the love of God urged us to extend the noble task of serving the least, the lost and the lowliest to other places, the first branch of its kind began to function with five residents and three sisters to take care of them on 19 March 1983 at Ezhumuttom. Since the first house was a very small one, it was shifted to a building constructed on the one acre 25 cents plot donated by late Rev. Fr. Augustine Pallikunnel and his family. For the construction of the building many came forward with substantial help.

The new house was inaugurated on 11 March 1998. Now there are 61 residents who are mentally challenged, physically handicapped, paralyzed or terminally ill and eight sisters at their service. Most of them are unable to meet even their primary needs. Some of them lead a vegetative life. The good God provides everything for all through several of His generous sons and daughters.

Providence Home
Ezhumuttom P O
Thodupuzha 685 605
Idukki Dist.
Ph: 0486 2261830, 2262167
OCB Registration No.993

2. Providence Home, Vilangu.

This branch was started on 16 July 1992. A plot of land was donated by Mr. Sajan Kallivayalil and Dr. P.J Abraham Puthenparambil. The expense for the construction of the house was met by the generous help of the local people. Now 104 residents -- the mentally challenged, the permanently disabled, the paralyzed, the lowly and the lost -- are taken care of here by nine sisters.

Providence Home
Vilangu P O, Edathala via
Aluva 683 561
Ernakulam Dist.
Ph: 0484 2266372, 2681676
OCB Registration No.834

3. Providence Home, Aruvikuzhy.

On 15 June 1995 with three children and four of our sisters, we started our service in a small building given free of rent by Mr. James Thadathil.

Later, Mr. Xavier Chakkanikunnel donated one acre of land to us. But it had to be exchanged with the land given by Mr. T.C. Chacko, Thuruthimattam considering better transport facilities and the availability of water. The new building was constructed and it was occupied on 09 October 2000. At present there are 56 residents and 8 sisters serving them.

Providence Home
Aruvikuzhy P O
Kadalimattom 683 503
Kottayam Dist.
Ph: 0481 2552494
OCB Registration No.765

4. Providence Home, Killy.

The branch at Killy was opened on 09 September 1995 in a rented house. Many benefactors joined hands and gifted one acre of land. The residents were shifted to the new building on 28 May 1997. Now there are 61 residents with 8 sisters to assist them.

Providence Home
Killy, Kollodu P O
Thiruvanthapuram Dist. 695 571
Ph: 0471 2291335
OCB Registration No.862

5. Providence Home, Keezhvaipur.

It was started in a rented house on 22 November 1995. For three years, the sisters and the residents were living in that premises. Mr. Philipose Meprath donated 70 cents of land and with the help of ‘Save A Family Plan’ and other generous benefactors a new building was constructed which was occupied on 17 August 1998. At present there are six sisters serving the 42 residents who include the terminally sick, the mentally challenged and the physically handicapped among those who need help.

Providence Home
Keezhvaipur P O
Mallappally 689 587
Pathanamthtta Dist.
Ph: 0469 2683254
OCB Registration No.789

6. Providence Home, Kuttikkonam.

It was at the request of the parishioners of Kuttikkonam that the branch was started here. Here also, the services began in a rented house on 10 May 1998 with four sisters and five differently abled children.

Christ the King Church, Kuttikonam donated 50 cents of land. With the help of many generous persons the construction work of the building was completed and on 04 May 2001 the residents were shifted from the rented house to the new building. Now there are 41 residents and 5 Sisters.

Providence Home
Kunnikodu P O
Kuttikonam 691 508
Kollam Dist.
Ph: 0475 2323338
OCB Registration No.887

7. Providence Home, Gandhinagar, Kottayam.

This home was started in the small rent free house given by Mr. Joseph Chacko, Plackkiyil, Kudamaloor on 24 January 2001. Mr. Mamachan Kapplingattu and Mr. T. J Varkey, Palamattom gifted 30 cents of land near the rented house. With the help of so many generous people, a new building was constructed and shifted from the rented house. Now 57 residents are being taken care of by 7 sisters with their selfless service.

Providence Home
Gandhinagar P O
Kottayam Dist 686 008
Ph: 0481 2594883
OCB Registration No.1083

8. Providence Home, Karakkunnam.

Mr. C.C. Ulahannan, Chathankandathil was generous enough to donate to us 96 cents of land. The construction of the new building was completed and the home started functioning from 15 August 2001. At present there are 64 residents who are attended by 7 sisters here.

Providence Home
Puthuppady P O
Ernakulam Dist 686 673
Ph: 0485 2815713
OCB Registration No.1193

9. Providence Home, Kavana.

Mrs. & Mr. George Cheruparampil donated one acre of land in Kavana near Muvattupuzha. With the help of many good-hearted persons the construction work of the building was completed in this plot. The new home was inaugurated on 08 June 2006. Now there are 27 residents in this house with 5 sisters rendering their service.

Providence Home
Vazhakulam P O
Kavana 686 670
Ernakulam Dist.
Ph: 0485 2260848, 9496895735
OCB Registration No.1351

10. Providence Home, Vilamana.

This branch started functioning in a very small rented house with eight residents and four sisters on 03 July 2005. Mr. Mathew Thuruthel and Dr. Joseph Chandy were kind enough to help us to buy 60 cents of land at Vilamana. A small building was constructed there and we shifted from the rented house. Now 34 residents are taken care of by 5 sisters.

Providence Home
Iritty P O
Kannur Dist 670 703
Ph: 0490 2490140
OCB Registration No.1556

11. Providence Home, Ayroor.

It was started in the house given by CMC Congregation (Changanasserry Province) on 12 June 2011 with five residents and four sisters. With the help of many good-hearted persons, a building was built and was inaugurated on 16 July 2013. Now there are 30 residents and 7 sisters.

Providence Home
Ayroor North P O
Pathanamthitta 689 612
Ph: 04735 230058
OCB Registration No.2241

12. Providence Home, Kalayamkonam

In December 1997, the Providence of the Lord helped us transcend the borders of the State of Kerala when our activities extended to Tuckalay in Tamil Nadu. We started our mission in a rented house with seven residents and four sisters to serve them. Several generous people joined hands and gifted one acre of land at Perumchilamb in Kanyakumari District. With the help of so many generous people of the locality, a building was constructed there and was occupied on 20 December 1999. At present there are 95 residents and seven sisters.

Providence Home
Velimali P O
Perumchilambu, K K Dist.
Tamil Nadu 629 164
Ph: 04651 289022,328560

13. Providence Home, Badapur.

On 10 October 2007, the philanthropic activities of the society were extended to Badapur in Bijnor District of Uttar Pradesh in a temporary house with nine residents. This village which is in the extreme interior of the District and needs a lot of growth and development. We make our best efforts to enhance developmental activities there. Late Rev. Fr. Cyriac Medayil very generously met the whole of the expenses of constructing a building over there. At present, there are 63 residents who are looked after by 7 sisters.

Providence Home
Dodrajpur, Khajuva P O
Nagina Tk, Bijnor District
U.P. 246 762
Ph: 01343291011, 08449450169

14. Providence Home, Gorakhpur.

This house began functioning with four sisters and five residents on 19 February, 2011. The beginning of our service was in a small diocesan building at Padribazar Parish of the diocese.

The Catholic Diocese of Gorakhpur gifted 77 cents of land at Jungle Ekla in the district of Gorakhpur. With the help of many benefactors a new building was built and at present there are 40 residents and six sisters.

Providence Home
Jungle Ekla No: 2
Hatwa Tola, Gulriha P O
U.P. 273 013
Ph.No: 07897849970

15. Providence Home, Koompanpara.

God have blessed us to commence our new mission at Koompanapara in Idukki District. This branch was started on February 22, 2019 in a small rented house with four sisters and four residents. One acre of land for the proposed building was donated by Fathima Matha Forane church, Koompanpara. Now, we are stepping forward for the construction work of this house. We hope that the Divine Providence will take care all the needs through generous benefactors.

The Catholic Diocese of Gorakhpur gifted 77 cents of land at Jungle Ekla in the district of Gorakhpur. With the help of many benefactors a new building was built and at present there are 40 residents and six sisters.

Providence Home
Adimali PO
Idukki 685 561
Ph: 9497262913

16. Providence Home, Kottiyoor.

Mr. Sibi Scaria Pedikkattukunnel was kind enough to donate his two acres of land for the LSDP Charitable Society at Kottiyoor in Kanuur District, so that Providence Home, Kottiyoor took its origin on 28th May 2019. This house started functioning with 4 sisters and 4 residents in a small existing house in the donated land. By the Grace of God, the activity of this house goes on smoothly.

Providence Home, Kottiyoor
Ambayathodu PO
Kannur 670 651
Ph: 8078833574